The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living. 
 Marcus Tulius Cicero (106-43 BC) Writer, politician and great Roman orator
Sugar Grove Cemetery  
297 W.Truesdell St. Wilmington, Ohio 45177   
 Ph. (937) 382-2059  
Office Hours:  Mon-Thurs  9am-2pm  Friday  9am-1pm
Cemetery is open from dawn until dusk
Proudly serving our families and veterans with honorable burials for over 150 years.  We hold the silent history of over 15,000 souls.  We welcome you to the historic journey.

What new service would most intrest you at Sugar Grove Cemetery?Green Burials
Scatter area and memorial area
Expanded Infant burial area
Brick walkway / memorial
Expanded Pet burial area

Special Announcement


  • All decorations must be permanently attached to headstones ( clear silicone suggested ). 
  • No shepherd hooks.
  • No glass.
  • No ceramics.
  • No fences around the headstones.
  • No live plants, unless approved in writing. They may only be places next to the stones, not in front or behind.
  • All saddles must have identification.
  • You may place flowers year round in permanent vases.
  • Temporary vases allowed only next to the stones during summer season. Not in front or behind.
  • Holiday decorations may be placed next to the headstone. Not in front or behind.
  • Live holiday decorations will be removed three weeks after the holiday. Artificial holiday decorations may be removed during spring clean up, which is held the first full week in March and fall clean up, which is held in September. We will post a notice prior to clean up.
  • The cemetery reserves the right to remove any decorations that are not cared for properly.
  • Dead shrubs and deer damaged shrubs will be removed.
  • Flower containers must be on a permanent foundation. 


  • ​Saddles will not be removed unless faded and tattered.
  • Flowers in urns attached to monument will be left.
  • U.S. flags in holders will remain unless faded and tattered. Flags removed will be disposed of properly.
  • Any decorations on the ground around the monuments will be removed.
  • No small stones, glass beads or glass of any type on or around the monument.
  • Shepherds hooks will be removed.
  • Seasonal flower containers will be removed. Flower containers must be on a permanent concrete foundation for 2014.
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